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Shades & Vacuums Sales & Service in Orillia

Just when we thought we were out, they pulled us back in! For more than 32 years, we were in the lighting business and decided to leave it behind to open the doors of The Vacuum Centre. 

But, Orillians kept calling! We realize we had left a void in Orillia and decided why not have our popular shades and quality vacuum products under one roof? 

We’re once again offering quality shades tailored to your frames at great prices.

When you come to our store, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be welcomed by a friendly associates who is passionate about getting you setup with the right vacuum or shades for the unique needs of your family and home. 

Check us out today near the corner of Laclie Street and Hillside Drive in Orillia.

The Vacuum Centre & The Shade Centre
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